Reigning Royalty

Miss Rodeo New Mexico LogoMiss Rodeo New Mexico 2016
Staci Trehern

Ponderosa, NM is home to Staci Trehern, Miss Rodeo New Mexico 2016. Staci is currently a student of the Anderson School of Management at the University of New Mexico, pursuing a Bachelors of Business Administration as well as a Bachelors of Arts in Communication. She plans to continue her education by pursuing her Masters in Business Administration and go on to a career that will allow her to work alongside a major sponsor of the PRCA to ensure the continued growth and development of the sport of rodeo.
When time allows, Staci enjoys: team roping, barrel racing, hunting, playing football, announcing for local youth rodeos and working on her family’s cattle ranches. She has served as a volunteer for 4-H, Special Olympics of New Mexico, and as a member of her county and state fair boards. “Volunteering has allowed me to build connections in several communities in my state, and to not only give back to the people and places, but also the sport and way of life that have made me who I am today.”

Miss Rodeo New Mexico Teen LogoTeen Miss Rodeo New Mexico 2016-2017, Deanne GuthrieTeen Miss Rodeo New Mexico 2015-2016
Deanne Guthrie

I am seventeen and am truly a hard working, fun, animal lover who loves all four legged creatures. We have no shortage of four legged creatures (3 dogs, 8 horses, a pony, a donkey, 4 steers and 4 pigs). They keep me pretty busy with providing their daily care and with their training. The best part is being able to enjoy each of them as individuals.
Some of our steers come from the family ranch and I am no stranger to ranch work, the cattle industry or the western lifestyle and its heritage. This familiarity not only gives me a strong background in responsibility and work ethic, but gives me opportunities to enjoy things that come from this heritage - such as going to a good rodeo. Whether I am in the stands as a fan or participating by either setting a pivot in the grand entry, getting a hot lap as a rodeo queen, having the honor of presenting sponsor flags or just working a gate, I do love the sport of rodeo.
Being a rodeo queen offers many opportunities - opportunities that I have personally been able to enjoy with my previous titles. A favorite of mine was when I was sworn in as an honorary U.S. Marine at their annual banquet where I helped present awards. I have also been invited to help host the district NRA banquet and also to host our district Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife banquet and these experiences showed me how I can have an impact on our community outside of the rodeo arena. I also especially enjoy participating the Special Needs Day held each year during the Curry County Fair.
As Teen Miss Rodeo New Mexico my strongest desire is to have the opportunities to continue to serve as an ambassador of rodeo to my community and to the State of New Mexico.


Chasity Russell, Little Miss Rodeo New Mexico 2016-2017Little Miss Rodeo New Mexico 2016-2017
Chasity Russell

My name is Chasity Russell. I am eleven years old. I am a very nice person and I help many people in every way. I like playing vollyball and riding my horse on the Eddy County Flag Team. It has been my dream to be Little Miss Rodeo New Mexico. When I went to the Lea County Rodeo I got to ride with Miss Rodeo New Mexico, Kagan Massey. Kagan made me want to work harder to follow my dreams. My dream is to become Miss Rodeo America. I want to teach others about rodeo and to be a good example for kids and to show others to follow their dreams to be what they want to be.

Chasity Russell was named Little Miss Rodeo New Mexico at the conclusion of competition at the Miss Rodeo New Mexico Pageant on June 3, 2016.


Miss Rodeo New Mexico Elect 2017
Kyla Myers

Kyla Myers is the twenty-year-old daughter of Kevin and Lexie Myers of Clovis, NM. She is currently a Junior at NMSU where she is a member of the equestrian team. She enjoys riding her reining horses, Painted Pony Whiz and Einsteins Prise.
“I have dreamed of becoming Miss Rodeo New Mexico since I was eight years old. I was a very inexperienced rider my first year; to the extent that Ms. Wilma had to ask me to excuse myself from the grand entry for safety reasons. When she told me that I was not a good enough rider to handle a grand entry, I was determined to strive to be the best horsewoman that I could be. Over the years, I practiced to become a quality rider, it is through participation in rodeo pageants and because of Ms. Wilma’s “tough love” that I’ve developed into the person I am today. I would not be riding for a college equestrian team, competing successfully in NRHA events, or have the confidence to excel in college. It will be an honor and a privilege to be Miss Rodeo New Mexico; my dream of obtaining this title has given me the determination to keep working for these past years and I have been blessed many times over by my experiences in the rodeo royalty world.
The Miss Rodeo New Mexico title is a privilege that few get to hold and I understand the commitment that it takes. My dad has always said that you do not get to pick and choose a time and place to be a queen - you act like a queen anytime and anyplace you are. Yes Dad, I do remember....once a queen, always a queen!”