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Reigning Royalty
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The MISS RODEO NEW MEXICO PAGEANT provides the opportunity for young women to participate in a positive competition which promotes our western heritage, furthers the sport of rodeo, and spreads good will throught the "Land of Enchantment" communities. This experience will enrich their lives.



Explanation of Reigns

Miss Rodeo New Mexico Elect wins her title at the annual Miss Rodeo New Mexico Pageant. However, she is a "Lady-in-Waiting" until January of the following year when she assumes the title. She will reign from January through December and compete in the Miss Rodeo America Pageant (MRAP) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Miss Rodeo New Mexico Teen, Princess and Little Miss each wins her title at the annual MRNM Pageant and begins her reign at the Coronation, which is the culmination of the Pageant. Her reign ends the following year at the Coronation when the new title holders are named.

Krysta BarajasMiss Rodeo New MexicoMiss Rodeo New Mexico 2014
Alexandria Layne Tapia
Santa Fe

Alexandria (Alex) Layne Tapia is the daughter of Toni Tapia and the late Michael J. Tapia Sr. She was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. One of Alex's passions is learning. She is a graduate of New Mexico State University where she earned a bachelor's in Government and a bachelor's in History with Distinction in University Honors. Alex enjoys hunting and the outdoors, barrel racing and riding, and spending time with family and friends. She is proud to have had the opportunity to represent her community and rodeo through various royalty titles since she was fifteen.
As a native New Mexican, Alex believes there are many state treasures and multifaceted rich cultural heritage that is worth sharing with others. It has been an ongoing dream of hers to serve as an ambassador for the State of New Mexico, the sport of rodeo and the western way of life. As a recent college graduate, Alex hopes to put into practice the skills she has learned and dedicate her time to promoting her state.
Alex enjoys mentoring young people through the medium of rodeo royalty titles and hopes to continue to be a role model and example to others. Alex is very proud and excited to have represented Santa Fe at the Miss Rodeo New Mexico Pageant and is thrilled to have the opportunity to represent New Mexico to the rest of the country.

You can reach Alex at MissRodeoNM2014@yahoo.com

Kiana ElderMiss Rodeo New Mexico TeenMiss Rodeo New Mexico Teen 2013-2014
Larissa LeAnne Padilla
Santa Fe

My name is Larissa LeAnn Padilla and I am the 18 year-old daughter of Ray Padilla. I am a recent graduate of Pojoaque Valley High School, in which I was a member of PVHS Student Council, Mothers against Drunk Driving, Golden Member of Blood Service, Big Brothers & Big Sisters Program, and Elkette softball and volleyball. I am an active member of the Taos County 4-H, where I show livestock and compete in baking and scrapbooking.
In my spare time, I enjoy riding horses and training with my father. I also have a passion for rodeo, break-away roping, hunting, fishing, camping, baking, cooking, swimming and reading. I have proudly served as the Taos County Sheriff's Posse Junior Rodeo Queen in 2006 and 2010. I have future aspirations of running for Miss Rodeo New Mexico as a proud ambassador of the great sport of rodeo to the people of the Land of Enchantment or wherever the title may take me.

Taylor Harty-MoffattMiss Rodeo New Mexico Princess 2013-2014
Deanne Guthrie

I am the 14 year old daughter of Ronnie and Renee Guthrie from Clovis, New Mexico where I attend school as an 8th grader at Yucca Junior High. I am an active member of FFA, enjoy many sports and am working on the perfect brownie recipe. I have been passionate for the sport of rodeo since as far back as I can remember as I have been fortunate enough to have a family that respects, appreciates and lives the western way of life. I am aware that receiving the honor of becoming Miss Rodeo New Mexico Princess means that the work is not over, it has only just begun. As an ambassador for rodeo I have the opportunity to encourage other young people to support and savor our western heritage by giving back for the many blessings in my life.

Krysta BarajasMiss Rodeo New Mexico Little Miss 2013-2014
Mireya L. Martinez
Santa Cruz

Hello, my name is Mireya Martinez! I am 12 years old and in the 6th grade. I enjoy cheerleading, gymnastics, karate, playing with my pets and especially horseback riding. I compete in rodeo events such as: barrel racing, pole bending and flag racing. I have been a 4-H member for 3 years and recently became an AQHYA member. I have a special love for all animals and hope to become a veterinarian.
For over a hundred years, rodeos, round-ups and horse racing have been a huge part of my family history. I have a special place in my heart for my horses, Hunter and Felina, and I believe God put them in my life to help me become the girl I am today. I am an excellent example of a great horse person, because I treat my horses with the utmost respect, love and patience; knowing I'll get it in return.
I trust in God and my family whole-heartedly. I am forever grateful to God for guiding my way and putting dreams in my heart that he and I can accomplish hand in hand. I am also very blessed to have support and unconditional love from my family.
As Little Miss Rodeo New Mexico, I promote the roughest sport on dirt, rodeo, and the traditional western way of life by building self-confidence, self-worth, and the beauty of a western gal, not only physically, but most important, mentally and spiritually. I encourage other young ladies to pursue the title of Rodeo Royalty and remind the public that any dream is obtainable, with hard work and dedication.
I humbly represent our state as Little Miss Rodeo New Mexico with great honor.

Kaycee McDanielMiss Rodeo New Mexico 2013
Ashlee Rose Mills
Eagle Nest

Ashlee Rose Mills is the daughter of Lee and Jackie Mills of Eagle Nest New Mexico. She and her younger sister, Janna, are the fourth generation to grow up in the Moreno Valley. Ashlee Rose will graduate from the University of New Mexico with a Bachelors degree in Criminology and a minor in psychology. She plans to attend law school, focusing on criminal law, and aims to one day become the Attorney General for the State of New Mexico. This goal is rooted in her desire to make a positive difference for victims of domestic violence, with emphasis on children and young adults.

We congratulate Ashlee Rose for being voted "Miss Congenality" at the Miss Rodeo America 2014 Pageant!

You can email Ashlee at missrodeonm2013@yahoo.com