MRNM Pageant Information & Rules

(Updated July 14, 2016)
We would like to remind all who are involved that the Director and Board of Directors for the Miss Rodeo New Mexico Pageant are all volunteers who donate many hours without any kind of monetary compensation. They do this willingly because of their passion for providing this competition and their love for the young women who compete.


General Information
Entry Deadline

The Entry Deadline is April 1, 2017, and your entry fee must accompany the Official Entry Form, along with 1-8x10 color photograph and any other required materials as listed on the entry form. Entries received from April 2nd - 15th will require a $50 late entry fee. Absolutely no entries will be accepted after April 15, 2017. The deadline for advertisements, including sponsor information and all ad monies, is April 20, 2017.

Contestant Ad Packages

Each contestant, in all categories, is asked to sell advertisements in the Official Pageant Program. Funds from these sales are used to cover the cost of printing the program and other pageant expenses. The target sales goal for each contestant is two full pages, but more will be graciously accepted. Advertisement money may come from a business, organization, individual or group of individuals. These ad sponsors will receive recognition and publicity in the Official MRNMP Program as a result of their support (see Contestant Advertisement Packages under “Forms” at for information about submitting materials for the ads). Contestant Sponsors will also have their name listed under the contestant’s name on the Index of Advertisers page.

Birth Certificate

A good, clear photocopy of the contestant’s birth certificate will be sufficient. A certified copy is not necessary, as they are sometimes difficult to obtain. A copy of the Baptismal Certificate is also acceptable.

Motel Reservations

The official Pageant Headquarters will be at the Days Inn and Suites. MRNM Elect contestants will have their rooms furnished by the pageant and are required to stay at the Days Inn in Clovis, phone number 575-762-4491. Motel information can be obtained online at

Transportation and Meals During Pageant

We will have vans and drivers to transport all of the contestants to and from the MRNMP Headquarters for all events except the Horsemanship Competition. Some meals will be provided for the contestants.


  1. In the Miss Rodeo New Mexico and Miss Rodeo New Mexico Teen divisions ONLY, it is required that before a girl may participate in the MRNM Pageant, she must have held a previous title OR have attended a sponsored Seminar such as the Miss Rodeo New Mexico Seminar or the Miss Rodeo America Seminar.

    NOTE: In all divisions, girls holding titles from other pageants will NOT be eligible to compete in the Miss Rodeo New Mexico Pageant unless they forfeit their title prior to the first day of the Miss Rodeo New Mexico Pageant.

  2. The contestants in the Miss Rodeo New Mexico-Elect age category shall:
    Have obtained the age of 19 years and shall not have obtained the age of 26 years before December 31st in the year in which she competes in the Miss Rodeo America Pageant.
    Have not been previously married and/or pregnant or have a child.
    Be a resident of the State of New Mexico for at least one year, with proof, if applicable, such as driver’s license, voter registration, etc.
    Not have been prior contestants in the MRA Pageant.
    Not be a titleholder in any other regional or national pageant in the year of her reign.
    Not compete in other pageants during her reign except to represent New Mexico at the Miss Rodeo America Pageant.

  3. The contestants in all age groups:
    Must not have initiated any pending lawsuit or legal action, nor have such action brought against her. Must not be charged with and/or determined to have committed any crime.
    To earn a title in any of the four age divisions, a contestant must score a minimum of 70% of the possible points.
    Must be of the correct age:

    1. Teen – Have obtained the age of 15 years and shall not have exceeded the age of 18 years by the January 1 of the year of competition.

    2. Princess – Have obtained the age of 12 years and shall not have exceeded the age of 14 years by the date of January 1 of the year of competition.

    3. Little Miss – Have obtained the age of 7 years and shall not have exceeded the age of 11 years by the date of January 1 of the year of competition. PLEASE NOTE: LITTLE MISS COMPETITION WILL BE DISCONTINUED AFTER THE 2017 PAGEANT!

    Have executed all consents, and/or waivers of liability presented as conditions to competition.
    Shall abide by all rules of the Miss Rodeo New Mexico Pageant.

  4. All contestants in all age groups must be in attendance at every Miss Rodeo New Mexico Pageant event. Newly crowned royalty must remain available for all pageant events through contract signing.

  5. Contestants in a division other than Miss Rodeo New Mexico.
    A current title holder of one of these age groups must wait one year before advancing to the next age group unless she is willing to forego all recognition of her current title during the competition, as is normally due the title holder, AND she must also have the permission of the MRNMP Director and Board of Directors.

Judging Guidelines

Contestants will be judged on the over-all effect of their performance.  This includes, but is not limited to, appearance, personality, skill, charisma, gracefulness and knowledge.

Judges: Three to five well qualified judges will judge all categories of the Pageant.
Score sheets: will be signed and sealed in an envelope after each category is judged.
Ties: Ties will be broken by the highest personal interview score then by the highest horsemanship score then by highest speech score. If a tie still exists the judges will be asked to rank the contestants as to who they think will do the best job as a title holder.

Judged Catagories

Horsemanship: Contestants shall be prepared to compete in the horsemanship pattern as set forth in this document. All age groups shall ride a horse of their choosing, keeping in mind the safety of other riders. Horsemanship judging includes control of the contestant’s mount and the way she handles any situation which may occur; Balance – The ability to sit properly in the saddle; Positions – Positioning of hands, feet and seat; Mounting and dismounting – “Queen mounts” are acceptable, but only if they are performed properly. The skill of the contestant will be judged, not the horse or the equipment. Contestants will not be allowed to use spurs, whips, or other "weapons" during the horsemanship phase of the competition.

Horesmanship Pattern:
1. Do extended jog along side of arena, then to center
2. Begin lope at center of arena and lope left lead 
3. Change leads at center of arena and lope right circle on right lead 
4. Change leads and continue loping around end of arena 
5. Once on the straight, increase speed and continue around end of arena 
6. Stop and back

The MRNM Judges Committee reserves the right to make alterations and/or additions to this pattern.

Competitors will ride horsemanship in the following order:
Little Miss and Princess:  Set Pattern, Flag Run, Queen’s Run
Queen Elect and Teen:  Set Pattern, Flag Run, Exit, Free Style, Queen’s Run
2 minutes are allowed for free style and Queen’s Run combined.

It will be the judges option whether or not to require a demonstration of mounting and dismounting, saddling and unsaddling, or any other horsmanship skills.

Speech: The speech competition will take place onstage.  Each contestant is required to give a speech on her hometown, county, and/or the State of New Mexico. MRNM and MRNT contestants will have 2 to 3 minutes and MRNMP and Little Miss contestants will have up to 2 minutes.

Personal Interview: Each contestant will have a 15 minute personal interview before the panel of judges. 

Horsemanship Interview:  Each contestant will have a 15 minute interview with the panel of judges based on horsemanship and rodeo knowledge.

Media Interview: The Media Interview will take place onstage. The contestants will be asked questions pertaining the sport of Rodeo.

Current Events Question: The Current Events Question will be asked onstage. The contestants will be asked about current events on the local, state or national area.

Fashion Show: The Fashion Show will take place onstage.  Contestants will model a western style dress or skirt and blouse.

Written Test: Contestants will take a written test pertaining to Rodeo and Horsemanship. Test will be age appropriate for each division.

Extemporaneous Question: At the Meet and Greet on Wednesday evening, contestants will be given a question (current events, rodeo, or other topic). The contestant will have a specified period of time (5 to 10 minutes) to reflect and gather her thoughts prior to giving an oral answer in front of the assembly.

Judging Criteria
Categories:  Points:

Personal Interview

25 pts.


25 pts.

Horsemanship Interview

10 pts.

Media Interview

10 pts.

Fashion Show

10 pts.


10 pts.

Current Events Question

10 pts.

Written Test

10 pts.

Extemporaneous Question

10 pts.


120 pts.

A contestant, even if she is the only one in her division, must receive no less than 70% of the available points in order to be crowned.


Pageant Wardrobes

Contestants are expected to appear in “full western attire” at all times unless otherwise specified. Examples are: western pants and long-sleeve shirt or blouse; vest and/or jacket; western skirt and blouse or shirt; or western dress; all with hat, boots and belt. Shirt-tails shall always be tucked in unless the style indicates otherwise. Bare skin showing at the midriff is not acceptable as it does not reflect a wholesome western image.
Western Image – All dresses, skirts and blouses must reflect a western theme. Evening gowns or cocktail-type dresses are not acceptable.
Dress for the horsemanship competition will be a form-fitting, long-sleeved top of your choice, a Wrangler® pant product and western hat, boots and belt. NOTE: “Fashion” or “modern” type boots are not acceptable and chaps, jackets, vests, or gloves are not permitted. All riding attire should be neat and fit properly.
A schedule and additional wardrobe requirements will be posted at a later date.

Miscellaneous Information

Lodging for the Miss Rodeo New Mexico contestants will be paid for by the MRNMP while at the Pageant.
Teen, Princess, and Little Miss contestants will be required to provide their own lodging and chaperone.
The contestants will be under the supervision of the MRNMP staff until the close of the Pageant.
Contestants are not allowed to use cell phones during the period of the competition.
Parents and relatives of MRNMP contestants are welcome to attend certain events at which the contestants will be present.
A meeting of parents, relatives and friends will be scheduled after registration to explain the Pageant activities and to answer questions.
A Miss Rodeo New Mexico Grievance Committee will be available to receive any type of grievance or complaint. The proper procedure to file a grievance is to put the complaint in writing and submit it to the MRNMP Director with $50.  A meeting will be set up to discuss the particular grievance with all concerned and will make every attempt to expedite a resolution to the grievance.

Awards and Benefits

Contestants should be aware that titleholders do not receive a salary. Some expenses will be covered as funding allows.
Titleholders will receive an official crown, trophy saddle, trophy buckle and sash. All crowns are perpetual. A complete listing of awards will be posted when available.
The Miss Rodeo New Mexico Board reserves the right to revise these Rules at their discretion and without prior notice.